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Certified pre-owned vehicles can be a great value when searching for a pre-owned vehicle.

Most franchise dealerships offer certified used vehicles as well as non certified vehicles.

A certified vehicle is not just a vehicle that has been through the normal reconditioning process at the dealership. A true certified vehicle has been through the factory mandated inspection process that includes a more thorough reconditioning than the normal inspection performed on regular used vehicles.

This inspection is not just limited to mechanical inspections but body, paint, and interior inspections as well. While a typical used vehicle inspection is regulated by the dealership's process, a factory certified inspections process is developed by the manufaturer and in most cases is regularly spot checked by factory representatives for compliance.

So they are checked out better, but does that really make them better?  The answer in most cases is absolutely......YES.  Read on to find out why.


  1.  These vehicles should be in nearly new condition, free of any defects, scratches, or blemishes.
  2. Most programs reqire that all 4 tire are a matching set which usually results in a new set installed during reconditioning.
  3. While all are not equal in time and miles, most include a 6 or 7 year / 100,000 mile warranty on the powertrain. (Engine/Transmission)
  4. While this coverage is for powertrain only, most come with a limited coverage that usually covers almost every item on the vehicle.
  5. Plus as an added bonus, certified vehicles at time of purchase , you have the option for purchasing coverage that will enhance the powertrain coverage to a nearly full coverage warranty for a very reasonable fee.
All in all certified vehicles should be the creme of the crop when you are looking for your next pre-owned vehicle. While they usually cost a little more, certified vehicles, if dealer process was properly followed should be the best bang for the buck!!!


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